Conductor of the choir
Paul Salter
Mrs. Rita Feldman

On the

The Jerusalem Cantors' Choir was founded in 1972 by a group of students of the late R. Shlomo Zalman Rivlin in Jerusalem. The purpose of the choir is to preserve and renew chapters of prayer and singing from the treasures of Jewish music, in addition to prayer and cantorial pieces, the choir's repertoire also includes Yiddish songs, Hasidic songs and Israeli songs.



The 32 members of the choir are all Cantors and Prayer Leaders - Tenors (first & second), Baritones and Bass singers, who view their involvement with the choir as a service for the public good. Members of the choir come from all walks of life. Among the members are attorneys, bankers, media personalities, educators, doctors and retirees. Once each week they meet to review their songs and learn new cantorial works thus helping to enrich their extensive repertoire.
המקהלה מונה כ – 30 חברים, ואחת לשבוע מתכנסים חבריה, תושבי ירושלים והסביבותיה, לחזרה וללימוד קטעי תפילה ושירה חדשים. המקהלה היא עמותה רשומה ומלכ"ר, מוכרת כמקהלה מקצועית לתקנת המוסיקה ע"י משרד התרבות ועיריית ירושלים, ונתמכת תקציבית על ידם.

The choir has gone on various international tours. Their latest tours have included trips to the United States, Canada, France, England and Germany, among others .Last year the Choir was invited to the Jewish "Singer" festival in Warsaw, and performed a concert in Budapest. Many of our most enthusiastic spectators are not of the Jewish faith. They are people who wish to expirience the rich wonders of Jewish and Cantorial music.

The choir is based in Jerusalem, Israel. The musical director and conductor of our choir is Paul Salter. The members of our choir are residents of Jerusalem and its environs. The CEO is Yair Plesser, and the pianist is Mrs. Rita Feldman- Gelfman