Bodenheimer Josheph

Born in Cambridge, England, educated in Israel, studied at Kol-Torah Yeshiva, served in IDF as paratrooper. Academic record: PhD in physics from HUJI. Post-doc at King’s College, London. Full professor of electro-optics. Published approx. 80 papers, 11 patents. From youth, Bodenheimer has sung in various choirs of Jewish music.

Since age 25 he has been a shliach tzibbur, particularly for the High Holidays, initially at Ohel Nechama synagogue, Jerusalem, and for the last 30 years at Ramban synagogue and at Har-Horev synagogue.

Has been guest cantor at Beth Sholom, Rochester NY, and at PJC in Venice CA.

After concluding 20 years of successful academic leadership as rector and president of Jerusalem College of Technology (Machon Lev), Bodenheimer resumed his membership in the Jerusalem Cantors Choir in 2009.



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