Halperin Haim

Fifth generation in Jerusalem – born on March 1943. Was one of the well known late Cantor Shlomo Zalman Rivlin's students who was one of the greatest cantors and trained generations of cantors who were participating in his quires in "Shirat Israel" Institution in Jerusalem.

After he passed away I joined "Heichal Shlomo" quire in Jerusalem where I sang 8 years. During that time I was among the first group of Cantors from "Shirat Israel" who founded the "Jerusalem Cantors Quire in 1969. Likewise I was learning traditional praying by the late Cantor Zalman Polak. I also took lessons of voice training by well-known Mr. Kochanov (who was member of Great Synagogue Quire in Tel Aviv) who came once a week to Jerusalem. Then I went to learn voice training by famous Mr. Heidoo during 8 years.

After that I developed a career of a Cantor and I prayed on High Holidays during 38 years in Israel and abroad. Within a period of 15 years I had a cantorial position in the Central Synagogue of Ramat Aviv when in between I was sent to Russia in 1989 on a government mission for High Holidays with a group of 6 cantors. This was a very successful and exciting experience. In 1996 I was sent to pray in Romania and in 2003 I was sent to pray in Berlin Germany during the Holidays through the whole month of Tishre.


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