Lazovsky Shmuel

Born in Tel Aviv 1950, and brought up in the neighborhood of Ramat- Chen, Ramat-Gan. Son of a Cantors' family - His father, Yaakov Yosef Lasowski, fifth generation to cantors from Lituania and Germany, served as a cantor for over 40 years in Germany and in Israel. He used to sing and escort his father, for many years, assisting him in the Shabbat, Holydays and the High Holydays services, learning and practicing Cantorial music (Chazanut) as well as the specific and special melodies (Nussach) for every prayer and occasion. He also joined, as a young boy, the childrens' choir his father had established in the Great Synagoge of Ramat-Chen. Starting at the age of 18, he served as Chazzan and Sheliach-Tzibur, for several years, in synagogues in the area of Ramat-Chen, and, after moving to live with his family in Jerusalem on 1979, - also in the neighborhoods of Katamon and Talbiya, for more than 25 years. He trained his sons to follow him in singing, and they escorted him in the services, and themselves serve as chazanim. On 1983, he was invited by Cantor Arye Goldberg to join 'The Jerusalem Cantors' Choir', whose conductor, Mr. Binyamin Glickman, had just returned from the USA. Since then he is a member and singer of the choir. As a first tenor singer in the choir, he used to serve as a soloist, takes part in all its performances, in Israel and abroad, and also serves as a member of the board for many years.

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